Environment Variables


This is a special environment variable that is set at execution time by the rrt tool. It is the full path to the distribution directory that the rrt command was executed from. For example. If the path to the bin directory of rrt is /home/user/rrt/bin, then RRT_HOME would be set to /home/user/rrt.


This environment variable can be set to the default RRT configuration file to use. If not set the default configuration file that is parsed is rrt/lib/rrt.cfg. The command line option -config_file overrides this environment variable setting.


The path to the version of Perl that one would like to use. RRT requires Perl version 5.6.1 or greater. The format of the parameter is just the path, not the Perl executable. For example, given that Perl lives at /usr/local/bin/perl_5_6_1/perl, the environment variable would be set to /usr/local/bin/perl_5_6_1/ (The ending “/” is required).