The Regression Result Tool (RRT) is a Perl based tool that displays regression results via a web page. It takes as input a directory/list of test log files. It parses each for pass/fail information and any other information the user would like to have reported. It will generate an HTML report that contains links to each of the tests allowing for quick navigation. Finally, it automatically updates a master/home page where links to each of the reports resides.


  • Specify a directory, a list of files, list of directories, etc for parsing
  • Parsing of test results and report displaying is controlled via a configuration file
  • Supports multiple configuration files
  • Generates HTML reports with highlighted pass/fail information
  • Generates a text only report
  • Web Links to individual test result log files
  • Tabulation of Pass/Fail data
  • Email notification support via sendmail, smtp, or qmail
  • Archiving of old results and maintaining of such on separate web page
  • Deletion of old results
  • Options to limit size of stored log files (runaway tests)


Main Report Page

Regression Report Page Regression Report Page